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Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I see the score per answer?

    You will find the score in the certification scheme for the Safety Ladder. See the Excel download that accompanies your questionnaire for the score awarded to you per answer given. A score of 0 points will be awarded whenever a question is answered with ‘I don't know’.

  • Where can I find the explanations that respondents have entered?

    The explanations provided can be found in the Excel file. You can download this file from the Overview for your questionnaire.

  • Can I group or filter results?

    Yes, you can analyse results at function level (management or implementing employees) or by office or department. You will see that all of the answers have been anonymised.

  • Where can I download/export the results?

    You can download an Excel file from the Overview for your questionnaire. It contains all of the answers given (each of which has been anonymised). You can download a PDF file of the score table under the Results tab.