Release notes

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Update May 19, 2022

The SAQ Compact is now also available in German language.

Update April 19, 2022

Today the new version of the SAQ Compact was released: SAQ Compact 2.0. This version is automatically loaded when creating a new SAQ Compact questionnaire. All questionnaires created for today are linked to the SAQ Compact 1.0. These just keep working.

Note: The SAQ Compact is currently only available in Dutch. The English translations will follow asap.

Changes compared to previous version SAQ Compact

  • Splitting questions by type of employee (target respondent)  : 

    • a set of questions for the operational employee. This only contains questions about things that they might notice, experience in the workplace. 

    • a set of questions for management/board. This only contains questions about things they need to know about the workplace, about internal management procedures and cooperation with the industry. 

  • Shorter and more concrete answer options. Previously, several requirements/criteria were summarized in 1 statement (answer option). That made it harder to answer. Various requirements/criteria have now been placed in separate questions. 

  • An extra answer option: “no”, so a fictitious step 1 answer. 

  • 2 question types: both “multiple answers possible” and “one answer possible”. In some cases the respondent can recognize multiple aspects. To make it easier for the respondent, multiple answers can be ticked. 

  • Clearer results: the most frequently chosen answer is now easier to recognize. Previously, weighted averages were used, because a statement could also be recognized “partly”. The percentages were more complicated for the business administrator to understand. Now it is a 100% distribution over the different steps. 

  • Results display based on target group. Because there is a difference between the content and the number of questions for operational employees versus management/direction, the results cannot be shown as a net sum in one table. One can choose to show the results from either “operational” or “management/direction”. Exports can be made from each view.