Questions & Answers

Can I group or filter the results?

Yes, you can analyze the results by job level (management or executive), site and department. The answers given are anonymous.

Where can I find the completed explanations of the respondents?

The explanations given are included in the Excel file. You can download this XLS file via your questionnaire.

Where can I download/export the results?

On the page of your questionnaire you can download 2 types of files;

  • a PDF: this contains the results table that can be used for the Online dossier
  • an Excel file: an overview of all answers given (anonymised) for viewing the explanations given by respondents
How can my colleague also send questionnaires or view the results?

Go to your My environment and click on My organization. On the left is a menu with Manage Users. Here you can add a colleague and assign the role of company administrator. Your colleague then has the same rights as you and can edit, view and send questionnaires.