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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I create a new questionnaire?

    Go to Manage at the top right-hand side of the screen and click New questionnaire. Enter the details required. You will also be able to add respondents and send them an invitation.

  • Which SAQ should I choose?

    The following table shows the differences between SAQ Compact and SAQ Extended. You can use this table as an aid when choosing between the two questionnaires.

    Audit format

    SAQ Compact

    Short, simplified version. Contains 18 themes, 72 questions.

    SAQ Extended

    Comprehensive version. Selection of questions based on the selected step. Contains 233 questions on the highest step.

    Approved Self Assessment

    You must use this version with the Approved Self-Assessment.

    You may not use this version with the Approved Self-Assessment.

    SCL Light

    You may not use this version with the SCL Light.

    You must use this version with SCL Light.


    You are allowed to use this version with the SCL.

    You are allowed to use this version with the SCL.

    SCL Original

    You are allowed to use this version with the SCL Original.

    You are allowed to use this version with the SCL Original.

  • How do I establish the step for which my organisation can gain certification?

    The steps of the ladder indicate the development stage applicable for your organisation in relation to safety awareness. Each step is characterised by certain behaviour on the part of your employees and the corresponding valuation. This information will help you establish

  • Do all questions apply to our organisation?

    Sometimes companies have difficulty translating questions from the questionnaire to their own specific situation. It then helps to ask a ‘how and why’ question. Why does this question apply to us? How can we recognise ourselves in the situation outlined? What is the purpose of this question and how have we organised it? If needed, the business administrator who distributes the SAQ within the organisation can add explanatory notes with the various questions. These can help you to answer the questions.

  • What is the difference between SAQ Compact and SAQ Extended?

    SAQ Compact is a short, straightforward questionnaire that is suitable for all employees in an organisation. The questionnaire lends itself particularly well to self-evaluation in order to gain an overall picture of the safety culture in an organisation or to prepare an audit. See it as a kind of quick scan of the organisation. This SAQ doesn't give your safety culture in steps, it merely shows where the organisation stands on each theme.

    SAQ Extended is a comprehensive questionnaire that gives a detailed picture of the safety culture in an organisation. This SAQ uses a score calculation with a step indication. You start an SAQ Extended on a step that you choose. This means that you only answer questions that are relevant to those (and underlying) steps.

  • Do I have to use the calculator tool to establish the number of respondents necessary?

    The calculator tool is not compulsory. It is designed to give you an indication of the number of respondents necessary to achieve a realistic outcome. During the certification process, the auditor will decide on the number of people to be interviewed.

  • What can I do if a message appears telling the respondent that the deadline for completion has expired?

    Go to the questionnaire in question and click Edit in the top right-hand side of the screen. Next, enter a new date under Latest response date. Once you click Save, respondents will be able to access the questionnaire again.

  • Will the respondents that have been added automatically receive an invitation to complete the questionnaire?

    No, you will need to send an invitation manually. Click the names of the respondents that you want to invite and then click the Send invitation button. You will now be able to send the invitation e-mail.

  • As the company administrator, I would like to complete the questionnaire too. How do I do this?

    Use your details (name and e-mail address) to create a respondent. Next, select the questionnaire in the column on the right via the Webtool page.

  • Will different questions apply for the different function levels (implementing employees/management)?

    No, the questions are the same for all respondents.

  • Can I reinstate a questionnaire after it has been deleted?

    No, this is not possible.